Vienna Airport Departures VIE

Flughafen Wien-Schwechat

Address: 1300 Schwechat, Austria
Height: 183 m
Telephone: +43 1 70070
Passengers: 31,662,189 17.1%
Aircraft movements: 266,802 10.7%
ICAO airport code: LOWW
Alias: Vienna International Airport and Wien-Schwechat Airport

VIE Departures today

Discover Vienna International Airport departures

Vienna International Airport is located in Vienna, the capital of Austria. It attributes a thick network of European destinations and long-haul Vienna departures to Asia, North America, and Africa. Here you can find information about present Vienna flight departures, check-in process, security check, and more.

Check-in at Vienna Airport

The check-in methods available in the Vienna Airport are traditional check-in at the counter, web check-in at home, and self-check-in before VIE flight departures. You can choose one of the check-in methods that are available that suite you. With a basic design, the check-in machines save time. Some of the airlines with Vienna airport departures are Austrian Airlines, Ryanair, Wizz Air, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Swiss, and Brussels Airlines. These airlines offer their passengers the possibility to drop off their luggage bags at the check-in terminal.


You should have one item of hand luggage, and it must meet the safety regulations of the airport. Flight baggage information provides useful tips about your luggage before you check-in. The weight and dimensions of the onboard luggage and hand luggage may vary depending on the airline, class, and route, but the size and dimension have no international standards. If your luggage is missing, please follow the property office or a lost & found counter at Vienna Airport. In Vienna Airport, baggage services are available at two baggage service centers. The assistance in the baggage service centers will assist you with baggage storage, customs deposits, and other services. Make sure you labeled your luggage before VIE departures so it’s more easy to find it back.

Baggage information and tips

  • Write your name and address in your baggage.
  • Always go with the valuable objects, predominant documents, and medication in your hand.
  • Lock your bag with a strap or padlock.
  • Remove your luggage tags to avoid confusing the system and increasing the chances of your luggage being mis-routed.

Do this all before you have Vienna departures.

Security control

You need to go through security control before you reach your gate and have Vienna flight departures, where passengers and hand luggage are checked for prohibited items.

General procedure

  • Observe the security regulations and the list of prohibited items, then carry the hand luggage.
  • All passengers must remove the metallic items carried before they pass through the metal detector.
  • If the warning sounds, you must remove your shoes and agree to an X-ray examination.
  • A check for explosives on the palms, belts, and shoes may be carried out using special paper strips.

Do double check this before you have VIE flight departures.

Random control

When the alarm sounds, even if you did not carry any metallic items, in that case, they want you to undergo a manual check.


Some items that you purchase on the trip should be declared to the customs officers when you enter Austria, and it is applicable for the passengers for non-European Countries. Some of the restriction include

  • The maximum value that a person must carry is 430 Euro per person, and the passengers under 15 years of age must have 150 Euro per person.
  • Only persons above 17 years can carry alcohol and tobacco with some limits.

Vienna International Airport provides a relaxing environment, and fast and convenient transfer is guaranteed.

Terminals at Vienna Airport

There are several terminals at the airport.

  • Terminal 1 has undergone a renovation in 2012 and there are Vienna airport departures by carriers from Oneworld and SkyTeam.
  • Another section called Terminal 1A is a separate building. This is used for the low cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair.
  • Terminal 2 is also currently undergoing renovation and will be temporarily closed.
  • Terminal 3 is used by Austrian Airlines and the Star Alliance team.

The Vienna departures start with the check-in counters at Level 1 of the terminals. As you can see in the picture you will then proceed to one of the concourses to board at the gates.


Vienna airport flight routes

The local airline Austrian Airlines offers most Vienna flight departures, followed by the low cost airlines Eurowings, Easyjet and Ryanair. Other frequently seen carriers are Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Swiss International Air Lines and British Airways.

Germany is by far the most popular with the most VIE flight departures. There are many flights to:

Other routes within Europe are:

There are also many routes to destinations outside of Europe. Most Vienna airport departures go with Austrian Airlines, El Al, Wizz Air, Lauda and Malta Air to Tel Aviv in Israel. The list is further topped by: