Melbourne Airport Arrivals

Melbourne International Airport

Address: Airport Dr, Tullamarine VIC 3045, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9297 1600
Airport codes: MEL and KMLB
Owner/Operator: Australia Pacific Airports Corporation
Runways: 2
Terminals: 4 passenger

MEL arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
07:15 June-23 07:11 June-23 Canberra (CBR) QantasLink QF1511 1 estimated
07:20 June-23 06:56 June-23 Launceston (LST) QantasLink QF1546 1 estimated
07:25 June-23 06:51 June-23 Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ227 2 landed
07:30 June-23 07:27 June-23 Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA98 2 estimated
07:30 June-23 06:53 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Thai Airways TG465 2 estimated
07:30 June-23 07:20 June-23 Launceston (LST) Virgin Australia VA1361 3 estimated
07:35 June-23 07:37 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas (Mendoowoorrji Livery) QF401 1 estimated
07:35 June-23 07:28 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA800 3 estimated
07:40 June-23 07:28 June-23 Hobart (HBA) Qantas QF1006 1 estimated
07:40 June-23 07:32 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ501 4 estimated
07:40 June-23 08:17 June-23 Perth (PER) Jetstar JQ971 4 delayed
07:45 June-23 07:32 June-23 Newcastle (NTL) QantasLink QF1597 1 estimated
07:45 June-23 07:39 June-23 Burnie (BWT) Rex ZL3554 4 estimated
07:50 June-23 07:37 June-23 Devonport (DPO) QantasLink QF2050 1 estimated
07:50 June-23 Adelaide (ADL) Qantas QF670 1 scheduled
07:50 June-23 07:43 June-23 Hobart (HBA) Virgin Australia VA1313 3 estimated
07:50 June-23 07:39 June-23 Adelaide (ADL) Rex ZL402 4 estimated
07:50 June-23 Mildura (MQL) Rex ZL3653 4 scheduled
07:55 June-23 Albury (ABX) Qantas QF2047 1 scheduled
07:55 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA804 3 canceled
08:00 June-23 07:47 June-23 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) Malaysia Airlines MH149 2 estimated
08:00 June-23 07:32 June-23 Christchurch (CHC) Air New Zealand NZ211 2 estimated
08:00 June-23 Adelaide (ADL) Virgin Australia VA204 3 scheduled
08:05 June-23 07:41 June-23 Wellington (WLG) Air New Zealand NZ253 2 estimated
08:05 June-23 Wagga Wagga (WGA) Qantas QF2035 1 scheduled
08:05 June-23 08:00 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF405 1 estimated
08:05 June-23 Mount Gambier (MGB) Rex ZL3752 4 scheduled
08:10 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ503 4 scheduled
08:15 June-23 09:10 June-23 San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA60 2 delayed
08:15 June-23 Mildura (MQL) QantasLink QF2077 1 scheduled
08:15 June-23 07:47 June-23 Christchurch (CHC) Qantas QF132 2 estimated
08:20 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ505 4 scheduled
08:20 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA806 3 scheduled
08:20 June-23 08:17 June-23 Auckland (AKL) Qantas QF152 2 estimated
08:25 June-23 08:28 June-23 Brisbane (BNE) Qantas QF605 1 estimated
08:25 June-23 Canberra (CBR) Virgin Australia VA254 3 scheduled
08:30 June-23 08:32 June-23 Brisbane (BNE) Virgin Australia VA306 3 estimated
08:30 June-23 08:41 June-23 Gold Coast (OOL) Virgin Australia VA726 3 estimated
08:35 June-23 08:00 June-23 Tokyo (HND) Qantas QF80 2 estimated
08:35 June-23 07:32 June-23 Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) Vietnam Airlines (SkyTeam Livery) VN781 2 estimated
08:35 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF409 1 scheduled
08:35 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA808 3 scheduled
08:35 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Rex ZL9 4 scheduled
08:40 June-23 07:54 June-23 Guangzhou (CAN) China Southern Airlines CZ321 2 estimated
08:50 June-23 Gold Coast (OOL) Jetstar JQ433 4 scheduled
08:50 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF413 1 scheduled
08:50 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA810 3 scheduled
08:55 June-23 08:28 June-23 Singapore (SIN) Qantas QF38 2 estimated
08:55 June-23 Launceston (LST) Jetstar JQ730 4 scheduled
08:55 June-23 Adelaide (ADL) Qantas QF672 1 scheduled
09:00 June-23 08:11 June-23 Shanghai (PVG) Shanghai Airlines MU737 2 estimated
09:00 June-23 Canberra (CBR) Qantas QF1513 1 scheduled
09:00 June-23 Adelaide (ADL) Virgin Australia VA208 3 scheduled
09:05 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF415 1 scheduled
09:05 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA812 3 canceled
09:20 June-23 09:53 June-23 Hong Kong (HKG) Qantas QF30 2 delayed
09:20 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA814 3 scheduled
09:30 June-23 11:23 June-23 Bangkok (BKK) Jetstar JQ30 2 delayed
09:30 June-23 09:08 June-23 Xiamen (XMN) Xiamen Air (United Dream Livery) MF803 2 estimated
09:30 June-23 Brisbane (BNE) Jetstar JQ563 4 canceled
09:35 June-23 Canberra (CBR) Virgin Australia VA256 3 scheduled
09:35 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF419 1 scheduled
09:35 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA816 3 scheduled
09:40 June-23 11:16 June-23 Phuket (HKT) Jetstar JQ18 2 delayed
09:40 June-23 Brisbane (BNE) Qantas QF609 1 scheduled
09:50 June-23 09:19 June-23 Singapore (SIN) Singapore Airlines SQ237 2 estimated
09:50 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA818 3 canceled
09:50 June-23 Gold Coast (OOL) Jetstar JQ435 4 canceled
09:50 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ507 4 scheduled
09:50 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF421 1 scheduled
10:00 June-23 Adelaide (ADL) Virgin Australia VA212 3 scheduled
10:00 June-23 Devonport (DPO) Rex ZL3514 4 scheduled
10:05 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF423 1 scheduled
10:05 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA820 3 scheduled
10:05 June-23 Adelaide (ADL) Qantas QF674 1 scheduled
10:20 June-23 Hobart (HBA) Jetstar JQ702 4 scheduled
10:20 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF425 1 canceled
10:20 June-23 Brisbane (BNE) Virgin Australia VA314 3 scheduled
10:25 June-23 Newcastle (NTL) Jetstar JQ471 4 scheduled
10:30 June-23 Cairns (CNS) Jetstar JQ939 4 canceled
10:35 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF427 1 scheduled
10:35 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA824 3 scheduled
10:40 June-23 Brisbane (BNE) Qantas QF611 1 scheduled
10:45 June-23 10:19 June-23 Taipei (TPE) China Airlines CI57 2 estimated
10:50 June-23 Auckland (AKL) Air New Zealand (All Blacks Livery) NZ123 2 scheduled
11:00 June-23 Canberra (CBR) Qantas QF1515 1 scheduled
11:05 June-23 Townsville (TSV) Qantas QF1987 1 scheduled
11:05 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA826 3 scheduled
11:10 June-23 Burnie (BWT) Qantas QF2088 1 scheduled
11:10 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF431 1 scheduled
11:15 June-23 11:14 June-23 Hong Kong (HKG) Cathay Pacific CX105 2 estimated
11:15 June-23 Launceston (LST) Virgin Australia VA1365 3 scheduled
11:20 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ509 4 scheduled
11:20 June-23 Adelaide (ADL) Qantas QF678 1 scheduled
11:20 June-23 Perth (PER) Qantas QF7398 scheduled
11:20 June-23 Brisbane (BNE) Virgin Australia VA318 3 scheduled
11:25 June-23 Newcastle (NTL) Virgin Australia VA1590 3 scheduled
11:25 June-23 Brisbane (BNE) Rex ZL227 4 scheduled
11:30 June-23 Devonport (DPO) Qantas QF2052 1 canceled
11:30 June-23 Sydney (SYD) Rex ZL31 4 scheduled

Discover Melbourne international airport arrivals

Melbourne Airport (IATA abbreviation: MEL), also known as Tullamarine Airport is Australia’s second busiest airport. The airport was opened for the first flights in 1970. It was to replace the old Essendon airport. There are four airports in and around the city of Melbourne. Like most major airports in Australia, Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin are the main airlines here. The carrier Rex also offers many flights, including to the lesser known and smaller airports in the country. Until the pandemic in 2020, Melbourne airport has grown since its opening, eventually reaching more than 35 million passengers a year. Four terminals and two runways are used for this.

From and to Melbourne Airport

Traveling by bus is probably the cheapest option for getting to or from the airport. There are Melbourne arrivals of the SkyBus City Express every 15 minutes. This bus runs from 4:30 am – 12:00 am. A one way ticket costs AUD 15. There are also free courtesy buses that take passengers to the more distant parking areas (Value Car Park). From Melbourne Tullamarine car park there are arrivals for Terminal 1, 4 and between 2 and 3. There are many different direct and regional buses which is near terminal 4.


If you want to travel more easily and privately, you can take a taxi at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. The journey to the center is about 30 minutes. There are options for a Ride-share pick up or drop off. There are several locations for UberBLACK and Ride-shares. After Melbourne flight arrivals you can of course also choose to rent a car yourself. After Melbourne airport flight arrivals, the Rental Car Access is in front of the main building.

Melbourne airport terminals

There are 4 terminals at Melbourne airport.

  • T1 North Terminal in use by Qantas and Jetstar
  • T2 is a terminal with Melbourne airport international arrivals
  • T3 South Terminal is in use by Virgin Australia and Rex Regional Express
  • T4 is in use by Tiger Airways Australia.

The terminals are all together connected to a main building and can be reached by foot.

There are 4 baggage belts in terminal 1. There are various services within the building such as dry cleaners, ATM’s, and car rental companies. When you walk out of the building you will immediately see the taxis and Skybus to continue your journey. Next to the building there is also a Qantas Valet parking.


When you leave the plane you will also be able to use duty-free shopping. Then you will go through customs to the baggage belts. Once you have packed your luggage, you can walk through the Melbourne arrivals hall. This is the same hall as where the baggage claim area of terminal 3 is. Various services are also available here, including car rental counters. Both buses and taxis are available in front of terminal 2. There is also a 1 minute pick up and drop off zone in from the terminal.


The arrivals hall of terminal 4 is located on the ground floor. There are fewer facilities here. Therefore, in most cases, only low-cost airlines will use this terminal.

Flight Routes at Melbourne Airport

Most international Melbourne Tullamarine airport arrivals are coming from Singapore. It’s a important hub to the rest of the world, mainly Europe and Asia. Next busy flight routes are the following:

melbourne airport arrivals and departures international


Since the pandemic started in 2020, passenger numbers have fallen significantly for domestic and mainly international flights with drops to 98 percent. There are a limited number of domestic flights departing from Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide during the years after. Luckily they start picking up again. Some other domestic options you can fly are: