Hobart Airport departures HBA

Hobart International Airport

Address: Strachan St, Cambridge TAS 7170, Australia
Phone: +61 3 6216 1600
Airport code: HBA
Owners: Queensland Investment Corporation, Schiphol Group
Elevation: 4 m
Opened: 1956
Website: hobartairport.com.au

IATA code: HBA

HBA departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
15:20 15:20 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ722 estimated
15:25 Flinders Island (FLS) SH946 scheduled
16:00 16:00 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF1540 estimated
16:55 17:00 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ706 estimated
17:00 17:00 Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF1554 estimated
18:45 18:45 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA1333 estimated
19:15 19:15 Gold Coast (OOL) Jetstar JQ695 estimated
19:35 19:35 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ724 estimated
20:00 Launceston (LST) Qantas QF7376 scheduled
20:50 20:50 Adelaide (ADL) Jetstar JQ680 estimated
22:20 22:20 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ712 estimated
06:05 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF1536 scheduled
06:20 Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF1006 scheduled
06:35 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA1313 scheduled
09:00 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ702 scheduled
09:20 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ718 scheduled
09:45 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA1531 scheduled
10:20 Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF1552 scheduled
10:35 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA1321 scheduled
11:00 Launceston (LST) ATM500 scheduled
11:20 Auckland (AKL) Air New Zealand NZ198 scheduled
12:05 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF1538 scheduled
12:35 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA1323 scheduled
12:45 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ704 scheduled
12:45 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA1533 scheduled
13:00 Canberra (CBR) FC264 scheduled
13:10 Brisbane (BNE) Virgin Australia VA705 scheduled
13:25 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ720 scheduled
13:45 Brisbane (BNE) Qantas QF1948 scheduled
14:15 Melbourne (MEL) Rex ZL710 scheduled
15:20 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ722 scheduled
16:00 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF1540 scheduled
16:55 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ706 scheduled
17:00 Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF1554 scheduled
18:45 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA1333 scheduled
19:15 Gold Coast (OOL) Jetstar JQ695 scheduled
19:35 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ724 scheduled
20:00 Launceston (LST) Qantas QF7376 scheduled
20:25 Brisbane (BNE) Jetstar JQ756 scheduled
20:25 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA1537 scheduled
20:50 Adelaide (ADL) Jetstar JQ680 scheduled
22:20 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ712 scheduled

Discover Hobart domestic departures

In order for you to get around Australia in style and comfort you will need to know a little about Hobart Airport. This airport zone enables its runways giving you national flights and some international Hobart departures. You can go to different areas of Australia using this airport as a connection.

About Hobart Airport

Hobart International Airport is known to be one of the largest of Australia. This airport was founded in 1956 for its first Hobart flight departures although it went through many pauses, setbacks, closures and other calamities that prevented its operation. In its early years, Hobart Airport had the name ‘Lianheme’ but was changed to the area where ‘Hobart’ is located.

This airport has a record in Australia in 2019, accommodating more than 2,7 million passengers in that single year. Among the hundreds of problems the airport has had is that of 1998 when it was privatized. This problem lasted for many months, which prevented the growth of the airport at a very important time and was stuck in Hobart Airport departures.

For the year of 2004, after having solved the privatization, the Hobart airport had modifications to resume its flights. In 2008 the airport developed its own internal hotel that is made up of 78 rooms, a cafeteria, restaurant and green spaces. This hotel is luxurious and is useful to accommodate those passengers who have connecting flights or go to international destinations with early HBA airport departures.

Ground departures at Hobart airport

When you arrive at Hobart airport you don’t have to worry about transportation because you have several options available. You can choose to leave Hobart with:

  • Taxi: Hobart Airport is very close to the most reliable taxi lines in Tasmania that will take you to the city center.
  • Car rental: you can contact agencies such as Budget, Hertz, Car Rentals, Avis, among others.
  • Bus: there are HBA departures by bus that takes you to the center of the city in Tasmania.
  • Uber service: near the airport you can have contact with an Uber service to take a car alone or share it.

Since you leave the airport you have several options in transportation, one more affordable than another for you to use now. You can get to the city center in less than 30 minutes using any of these means of transport.



You can locate Hobart Airport in the suburb of Cambridge found in the greater Hobart area of Tasmania. You can head to the center of the city and in extreme see the long runways that make up this brilliant airport for HBA flight departures. If you want an exact direction from Hobart you will have to take the Tasman Highway and travel 18 km to get to the airport.

Runways and carriers operating at Hobart Airport

If you visit Hobart airport you will know that it is made up of different runways to start national or international flights HBA flight departures. One of its runways measures 2725 x 45 meters in total, being the largest at the airport.

If you are looking for a special airline to depart from Hobart airport you can choose between:

  • Jetsat
  • Qantas
  • QantasLink
  • Virgin Australia
  • Skytraders
  • Air New Zealand
  • Link Airways
  • Sharp Airlines
Hobart Airport destinations

From this airport you can take many destinations in Australia and some international flights. The airport usually includes a few destinations when the peak holiday season approaches to maximize its operations. You can have Hobart Airport departures to these locations:

The airport has many flights to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne which are the busiest during the year. You can visit the airport’s official website to keep an eye out for upcoming international destinations.