Gold Coast Airport Arrivals OOL

Gold Coast International Airport

Address: Eastern Ave, Bilinga QLD 4225, Australia
Tel: +617 5589 1100
IATA Airport code: OOL
ICAO airport code: YBCG
Alias: Coolangatta Airport

OOL arrivals today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Origin Airline Flight Terminal Status
22:25 February-21 22:06 Mildura (MQL) Bonza AB1594 landed
22:35 February-21 22:46 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ440 1 estimated
22:50 February-21 22:39 Townsville (TSV) Bonza AB1528 estimated
22:55 February-21 22:52 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA761 1 estimated
23:10 February-21 23:03 Hobart (HBA) Jetstar JQ695 1 estimated
23:20 February-21 23:43 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ448 1 delayed
06:55 February-22 Sydney (SYD) StarTrack NC7443 scheduled
07:25 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ400 1 scheduled
07:25 February-22 Sydney (SYD) StarTrack QF7443 scheduled
08:30 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA501 1 scheduled
08:30 February-22 Auckland (AKL) Jetstar JQ132 2 scheduled
08:30 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ402 1 scheduled
08:35 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ430 1 scheduled
08:40 February-22 Auckland (AKL) Air New Zealand NZ181 1 canceled
09:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA509 1 scheduled
10:30 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF590 1 scheduled
10:35 February-22 Kuala Lumpur (KUL) AirAsia X D7200 1 scheduled
10:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA511 1 scheduled
10:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ406 1 scheduled
10:50 February-22 Auckland (AKL) Air New Zealand NZ187 1 scheduled
11:00 February-22 Gold Coast (OOL) scheduled
11:05 February-22 Mackay (MKY) Bonza AB1610 scheduled
11:05 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Rex ZL658 A scheduled
11:15 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA733 1 scheduled
11:15 February-22 Adelaide (ADL) Jetstar JQ498 1 scheduled
11:30 February-22 Adelaide (ADL) Virgin Australia VA1447 1 scheduled
11:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA515 1 scheduled
12:10 February-22 Canberra (CBR) Virgin Australia VA1687 1 scheduled
12:10 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF592 1 scheduled
12:15 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA735 1 scheduled
12:30 February-22 Melbourne (AVV) Bonza AB1620 scheduled
13:05 February-22 Cairns (CNS) Jetstar JQ967 1 scheduled
13:15 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ432 1 scheduled
13:15 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA739 1 scheduled
13:30 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ438 1 scheduled
13:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA519 1 scheduled
13:50 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Rex ZL540 A scheduled
14:15 February-22 Newcastle (NTL) Jetstar JQ492 1 scheduled
14:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA523 1 scheduled
15:05 February-22 Queenstown (ZQN) Jetstar JQ194 2 scheduled
15:10 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA525 1 scheduled
15:10 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ436 1 scheduled
15:10 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF594 1 scheduled
15:15 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA743 1 scheduled
15:20 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Qantas QF878 1 scheduled
15:25 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ412 1 scheduled
17:10 February-22 Cairns (CNS) Bonza AB1606 scheduled
17:30 February-22 Proserpine (PPP) Bonza AB1978 scheduled
17:35 February-22 Auckland (AKL) Jetstar JQ134 2 scheduled
17:45 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ416 1 scheduled
17:50 February-22 Christchurch (CHC) Jetstar JQ186 2 scheduled
18:25 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA745 1 scheduled
18:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA535 1 scheduled
18:45 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ422 1 scheduled
18:55 February-22 Melbourne (AVV) Jetstar JQ630 1 scheduled
19:05 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ442 1 scheduled
19:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA539 1 scheduled
19:55 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ426 1 scheduled
20:25 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA753 1 scheduled
20:45 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF596 1 scheduled
20:55 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ434 1 scheduled
21:40 February-22 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA545 1 scheduled
22:35 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ440 1 scheduled
22:55 February-22 Townsville (TSV) Bonza AB1528 scheduled
22:55 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Virgin Australia VA761 1 scheduled
23:00 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Bonza AB1638 scheduled
23:20 February-22 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ448 1 scheduled
07:25 February-23 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ400 1 scheduled
07:25 February-23 Sydney (SYD) Qantas QF7443 scheduled
08:30 February-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA501 1 scheduled
08:30 February-23 Auckland (AKL) Jetstar JQ132 2 scheduled
08:30 February-23 Sydney (SYD) Jetstar JQ402 1 scheduled
08:35 February-23 Melbourne (MEL) Jetstar JQ430 1 scheduled
09:40 February-23 Sydney (SYD) Virgin Australia VA509 1 scheduled

Find out Gold Coast International Airport Arrivals

The Gold Coast Airport, also known as Coolangatta Airport, is an international Australian airport at the Gold Coast’s southern end. It is about 90 kilometers south of Brisbane’s city center, in the South East Queensland agglomeration.

The airport’s main entrance is located in the Bilinga suburb of Coolangatta. The runway itself for Gold Coast arrivals runs across Queensland and New South Wales state boundaries. These states are in two separate time zones during the summer.

The Gold Coast International Airport is open all year and runs on Queensland Time. The Gold Coast Airport handled more than 6 million passengers in the 2019 year but there is a big drop in Gold Coast flight arrivals of 70% in 2020 and 2021. It is Australia’s sixth busiest airport in terms of passengers and the busiest outside of state capital in terms of aircraft movements.

Operated airlines with OOL flight arrivals:

  • Air Asia
  • Airnorth
  • Jetstar
  • Qantas
  • Sear pacific
  • Scoot
  • Virgin Australia, etc.

Cargo airlines with Gold Coast Coolangatta airport arrivals:

  • Toll priority
Terminal of Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport has a predominant terminal. All of the domestic and international OOL airport arrivals are operating from this terminal.



Most domestic airlines require you to have Gold Coast airport arrivals at the check-in counter 45 minutes before your flight. Passengers on international airlines must check-in at least two hours before their flights. Passengers are advised to read all of the details given by the airline because they will specify their preferred times.


Gold Coast International Airport has two airline lounges after Gold Coast flight arrivals: One airline lounge, run by Virgin Australia, is open to business class travelers, Virgin Australia lounge members, and Velocity Frequent Flyer Gold and Platinum members at Gold Coast Airport. As of 2012, the airport has a Qantas Club and is available to business class travelers, Qantas Club members, and Qantas Frequent Flyer Gold and Platinum members.

Covid-19 travel guidance:

  • Wear a face mask in the terminal, as directed by the government.
  • To check-in and book parking, go online.
  • If you’re sick, don’t drive.
  • Maintain a healthy personal hygiene routine.
  • Follow the lines in the terminal, physically separating yourself where possible.
  • COVIDSafe is a free to use app that you can use.
Ground transportation to Gold Coast airport

The airport’s highest priority is the safety and security of its passengers and tourists after Gold Coast airport arrivals. On-site security procedures are routinely tracked, and the airport continues to follow the Federal Government’s strict security requirements. Several private operators provide transfers to and from Gold Coast Airport and Brisbane City. Gold Coast arrivals and departing passengers may reap the benefits of scheduled transfers.

Skybus provides quick, reliable, and affordable airport transfers from Gold Coast Airport to 3 stops conveniently located within the center of Byron Bay and operates daily. After OOL arrivals you step out of the terminal and the bus leaves directly from the domestic terminal and has access to the popular Skybus world-class experience, including free WiFi, state-of-the-art navigation, industry-leading vehicle presentation, and online ticketing options. The G: link trams, Surfside Buslines, and Queensland Rail are all part of TransLink’s interconnected network on the Gold Coast.

Route 777 is a limited-stop service that takes you to the Broadbeach South Tram Station, where you can switch to the platform for a link to G: Surfers Paradise, Southport, or other bus routes. Route 777 has every 15 minutes Gold Coast airport arrivals, seven days a week, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The airport is connected to the Varsity Lakes train station via Route 760, which leaves in half an hour.

Gold Cost flight routes

Most Gold Coast arrivals come from Sydney airport as well as:

Looking at the international arrivals most flights are flying in from Auckland, New Zealand. During the pandemic there are also flights to the other cities in New Zealand such as Christchurch and Wellington. There have been been some cancellations from Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo-Narita, Singapore and Hong Kong. Most Gold Coast airport arrivals are with the following carriers:

  • Jetstar
  • Virgin Australia
  • Qantas
  • AirAsia
  • Air New Zealand
  • Regional Express Airlines
  • Scoot
  • Singapore Airlines