Yerevan Zvartnots Airport Departures EVN

Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport

Armenia, 0042, Yerevan
“Zvartnots” Airport (Malatia-Sebastia adm. district)
Phone: (+374 10) 493000
Airport codes:


Yerevan Departures today

Schedule Time Estimated Time Destination Airline Flight Status
17:30 April-17 Sharjah (SHJ) Air Arabia G9245 canceled
18:10 April-17 Tbilisi (TBS) Air Dilijans RM724 scheduled
20:45 April-17 20:45 Samara (KUF) Aeroflot SU6950 estimated
20:45 April-17 20:50 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU1863 estimated
21:50 April-17 21:40 Sochi (AER) Red Wings WZ4330 estimated
22:20 April-17 22:35 Larnaca (LCA) Wizz Air W64550 estimated
23:00 April-17 23:10 Moscow (VKO) FlyOne 3F323 estimated
23:00 April-17 23:10 St. Petersburg (LED) FlyOne 3F333 estimated
23:00 April-17 23:10 Moscow (VKO) Aviastar-TU 4B3702 estimated
23:40 April-17 Moscow (SVO) Shirak Avia 5G509 scheduled
23:40 April-17 Moscow (SVO) Shirak Avia 5G709 scheduled
00:15 April-18 00:15 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Azimuth A46028 estimated
00:15 April-18 00:15 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU1869 estimated
00:30 April-18 00:30 Aktau (SCO) SCAT DV846 estimated
01:00 April-18 Chisinau (RMO) FlyOne Armenia 3F533 scheduled
02:15 April-18 02:15 Moscow (SVO) Armenian Airlines JI100 estimated
02:45 April-18 02:45 Moscow (VKO) Utair UT786 estimated
02:45 April-18 02:45 Rome (FCO) Wizz Air W46168 estimated
03:30 April-18 03:30 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR286 estimated
04:20 April-18 04:20 Warsaw (WAW) LOT LO728 estimated
04:20 April-18 04:20 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3899 estimated
04:20 April-18 04:20 Vienna (VIE) Wizz Air W42892 estimated
04:35 April-18 04:47 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa (Star Alliance Livery) LH1561 estimated
04:45 April-18 04:45 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS642 estimated
05:55 April-18 05:55 Minsk (MSQ) Belavia B2734 estimated
06:30 April-18 06:30 Istanbul (SAW) Pegasus PC553 estimated
08:00 April-18 08:10 Moscow (VKO) FlyOne Armenia 3F321 estimated
08:00 April-18 08:00 Larnaca (LCA) FlyOne Armenia 3F871 estimated
08:25 April-18 08:25 Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH) Air Cairo SM994 estimated
09:15 April-18 09:20 Sharm el-Sheikh (SSH) FlyEgypt FT262 estimated
09:30 April-18 Moscow (VKO) Shirak Avia 5G709 scheduled
09:30 April-18 Moscow (VKO) Shirak Avia 5G509 scheduled
09:35 April-18 09:35 Tbilisi (TBS) Georgian Airways A9726 estimated
10:20 April-18 10:20 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Wizz Air Abu Dhabi 5W7014 estimated
10:30 April-18 Moscow (VKO) Air Dilijans RM930 scheduled
10:50 April-18 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Azimuth A46032 scheduled
11:20 April-18 11:20 Sochi (AER) Aeroflot SU6720 estimated
11:40 April-18 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Armenian Airlines JI126 scheduled
12:20 April-18 Dubai (DXB) FlyDubai FZ718 scheduled
13:55 April-18 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU1861 scheduled
14:30 April-18 Moscow (VKO) Air Dilijans RM936 scheduled
14:40 April-18 Nizhny Novgorod (GOJ) Shirak Avia 5G120 scheduled
15:00 April-18 Chisinau (RMO) FlyOne Armenia 3F867 scheduled
15:10 April-18 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU1867 scheduled
15:20 April-18 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Red Wings WZ4332 scheduled
15:35 April-18 St. Petersburg (LED) Aeroflot SU6924 scheduled
15:50 April-18 Yekaterinburg (SVX) Aeroflot SU685 scheduled
16:15 April-18 Samara (KUF) Red Wings WZ1356 scheduled
16:20 April-18 Moscow (DME) FlyOne Armenia 3F315 scheduled
16:30 April-18 Tehran (IKA) Sepehran Airlines IS7327 scheduled
17:25 April-18 Sharjah (SHJ) Air Arabia G9245 scheduled
18:00 April-18 Istanbul (IST) FlyOne Armenia 3F475 scheduled
18:10 April-18 Tbilisi (TBS) Air Dilijans RM724 scheduled
18:15 April-18 Moscow (VKO) Azimuth A47030 scheduled
19:00 April-18 Tbilisi (TBS) FlyOne Armenia 3F583 scheduled
19:25 April-18 19:25 Moscow (DME) Ural Airlines U62634 estimated
20:50 April-18 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU1863 scheduled
21:20 April-18 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Wizz Air Abu Dhabi 5W7188 scheduled
22:20 April-18 Larnaca (LCA) Wizz Air W64550 scheduled
22:35 April-18 Sochi (AER) Azimuth A45030 scheduled
22:45 April-18 Milan (MXP) Wizz Air Malta W46456 scheduled
23:00 April-18 Moscow (VKO) FlyOne Armenia 3F323 scheduled
23:25 April-18 Mineralnye Vody (MRV) Air Dilijans RM743 scheduled
23:40 April-18 Moscow (SVO) Shirak Avia 5G509 scheduled
23:40 April-18 Moscow (SVO) Shirak Avia 5G709 scheduled
00:15 April-19 Moscow (SVO) Aeroflot SU1869 scheduled
01:10 April-19 Novosibirsk (OVB) S7 Airlines S75592 scheduled
01:45 April-19 Brussels (BRU) Brussels Airlines SN2900 scheduled
02:15 April-19 Moscow (SVO) Armenian Airlines JI100 scheduled
02:45 April-19 Moscow (VKO) Utair UT786 scheduled
02:45 April-19 Rome (FCO) Wizz Air Malta W46168 scheduled
03:30 April-19 Doha (DOH) Qatar Airways QR286 scheduled
04:20 April-19 Athens (ATH) Aegean Airlines A3899 scheduled
04:40 April-19 Frankfurt (FRA) Lufthansa LH1561 scheduled
04:45 April-19 Vienna (VIE) Austrian Airlines OS642 scheduled


Most busy flight routes from Zvartnots Airport:


Flight routes Zvartnots Airport

The airline Air Armenia have most Zvartnots departures. Some available flights:

There are also many seasonal Zvartnots Airport departures and low-cost airline Wizz Air also plans to fly to Armenia in 2021. Most flights stay in the region and many also to Russia. Some go west in Europe such as: