Between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea lies the Caucasus, south of this mountain lies Armenia. The country is in terms of size comparable to Belgium, live Only Much minder People (3 million). Armenia Being logged Little visited door Tourists, But That Will Change the coming years Especially in Komen. It is a of the oldest countries of the world and therefore alone very interesting. The capital Yerevan (Yerevan) is a great City location, in The Centre will find beautiful buildings and nice bars. West of the city lies Yerevan Zvartnots Airport, this is the main airport of Armenia.

Armenia Airports

Shirak AirportArrivalsDepartures
Zvartnots AirportArrivalsDepartures

Practical information:

  • Timezone: GMT +4
  • Currency: Armenian dram
  • Exchange rate: 1 000 AMD = € 1.92
  • National Day: September 21
  • Airport: օդանավակայան