Kabul Airport arrivals

Kabul International Airport

Address: H666+H2F, Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: +93 20 230 0016
Airport code: KBL
Height: 1,791 m
Junction for: Ariana Afghan Airlines, Kam Air
Serves: Kabul
Year of construction: 1960

KBL Arrivals today

Schedule Time Origin Airline Flight Status
17:00 June-25 Islamabad (ISB) Kam Air RQ928 Scheduled
17:30 June-25 Kuwait City (KWI) Kam Air RQ906 Delayed 18:02
18:45 June-25 Herat (HEA) Kam Air RQ104 Scheduled
06:35 June-26 Dubai (DXB) Kam Air RQ902 Scheduled
07:00 June-26 Jeddah (JED) Ariana Afghan Airlines FG416 Scheduled
07:30 June-26 Jeddah (JED) Kam Air RQ994 Scheduled
08:00 June-26 Dubai (DXB) Ariana Afghan Airlines FG402 Scheduled
10:30 June-26 Dubai (DXB) Jeju Air 7C840 Scheduled
12:30 June-26 Herat (HEA) Kam Air RQ102 Scheduled
12:30 June-26 Mazar-I-Sharif (MZR) Kam Air RQ142 Scheduled
13:00 June-26 Herat (HEA) Ariana Afghan Airlines FG252 Scheduled
15:00 June-26 Kandahar (KDH) Ariana Afghan Airlines FG268 Scheduled
15:35 June-26 Dubai (DXB) Kam Air RQ912 Scheduled
16:00 June-26 Mazar-I-Sharif (MZR) Ariana Afghan Airlines FG262 Scheduled
16:20 June-26 Tehran (IKA) Kam Air RQ7712 Scheduled
17:00 June-26 Islamabad (ISB) Kam Air RQ928 Scheduled
18:45 June-26 Herat (HEA) Kam Air RQ104 Scheduled

Check out Hamid Karzai International Airport Arrivals

Most Kabul Airport arrivals are from Kam Air who mostly fly to the other cities in Afganistan. Flydubai and Emirates also have arrivals from Dubai. All KBL arrivals are on the 11,520 feet runway.

General information

Airport Kabul Airport (Hamid Karzai International Airport), located in (or near) Kabul has 1 runway, which is 11483 feet (3500 meters) long for all Kabul arrivals. The airport is in the UTC + 4: 30 time zone.

Airport Codes

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) refers to the airport code KBL. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) uses OAKB.

History of Kabul Airport

The first Hamid Karzai arrivals already took place in 1960. The first tourists came via Kabul airport. This lasted until 1978 because of the Saur Revolution. It was then put into service by the Soviet Army. In 1996 passenger flights returned but a few years later it was closed again by the US invasion. A terminal was only taken into use for international Kabul in 2008.At the airport, the international terminal is modern in contrast to the terminal for domestic Kabul airport arrivals. In addition to Kam Air, there are also flights with: